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Dr. Vinicius Aguiar de Souza

Associate Professor
School of Engineering


Bachelor in Physics, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, 1999; Master in Engineering, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, 2002; Master in Engineering; The University of Tokyo; PhD. The University of Tokyo. Post Doctoral Researcher, National Institute for Material Sciences, 2012-2013; Assistant Professor, University of Fukui, 2013-2014; Associate Professor, Tohoku University, 2014-; Visiting Researcher, The University of Tokyo 2015-.

Research Interest

I currently investigate the mechanical behavior of solids through computational simulation with concentration in the finite element method (FEM). My most recent research concentrates on the mechanisms behind failure, and damage evolution in metallic alloys used in the automotive and aerospace industries. The mechanisms are elucidated using concatenated techniques of synchrotron microtomography, image segmentation and image-based finite element analysis. However my research involves four broad areas:

  1. Structural Mechanics
    • Strength of container ship securing systems
    • Non linear vibrations in container stacks
  2. Computational Mechanics
    • High performance computing (HPC)
    • Non linear finite element analysis of large models
  3. Image Processing
    • Image segmentation of high resolution synchrotron images
    • Volume rendering of high resolution synchrotron images
  4. Biomechanics
    • Impact in the lower and upper limb
    • Biomechanics of Martial Arts


Currently I am an associate professor at Tohoku University, Graduate School of Engineering, teaching Mechanics of Materials I to foreigner students of the International Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering course (IMAC) in the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Additionally I teach English for International Communication to Japanese and foreigner students at the International Division for Exchange and Education (IDEE) in the School of Engineering.


  1. Science
  2. Mountaineering with emphasis in Rock Climbing
  3. Martial Arts with emphasis in Karate
  4. Snowboarding
  5. Archery, and surviving all these items

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