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FGL Graduate Programs

Tohoku University currently offers a number graduate courses conducted in English for students wishing to pursue advanced degrees. Each course provides opportunities to study within specialized fields while also offering numerous elective subjects. Tohoku University's world-class research is the foundation of its high-quality graduate-level education and provides students with rich research and learning opportunities.

Click on a course title in the table below to see that course's website. For application instructions, please contact the department of the course you are interested in directly. See the FAQ for general information on FGL graduate programs.

Course Title Abbr. Field(s) Degree Admission
International Doctoral Program in Engineering, Information Sciences, Environmental Studies and Biomedical Engineering EISEBE Engineering, Information Sciences, Environmental Studies, Biomedical Engineering D October
International Graduate Program for Advanced Science IGPAS Science M, D October
International Post-Graduate Program in Human Security IPHS Medicine, Environmental Studies, Agricultural Science, International Cultural Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies M, D April, October
International Environmental Leadership Program IELP Environmental Studies M, D October
International Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Course (Graduate) IMAC Engineering M, D April, October
International Materials Science and Engineering Course IMSE Engineering M October
Global Program in Economics and Management GPEM Economics, Management M, D October
International Graduate School of Accounting Policy IGSAP Accounting M October
Information Technology and Science Course ITSC Information Science M, D April, October
Interface Oral Health Science Course IOHS Dentistry D April, October
International Course of Life Sciences ICLS Life Sciences M, D April, October
International Graduate Program in Language Sciences IGPL International Cultural Studies M October
Network Medicine Course NMC Medicine D April, October
Basic Medicine Course BMC Medicine M April, October
Data Sciences Program DSP Information Science, Life Sciences, Economics and Management, Engineering M, D October

M: Master's Course D:Doctoral Course

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