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Akmal's Views

Name: Akmal Chairul
Affiliation and year: Faculty of Agriculture, AMB Course, 2nd year
Nationality: Indonesian

The first year student Mr. Akmal Chairul came from Indonesia, which he calls “a marine country like Japan.” So it was very natural for him to decide on studying marine biology in Japan.

Akmal Chairul

Akmal Chairul

He is now very busy with the Liberal Education classes, which all first year students have to go through. He, however, has a vision of obtaining deep insights into the ocean, and is already absorbing knowledge from his professors.

“Gleadall Sensei is one of the best teachers whom I’ve met in my life,” Akmal says. Professor Gleadall mainly teaches him marine biology as well as physiology. Akmal especially enjoys his lectures about the future of the ocean and environmental issues.

Akmal mentions the wide range and availability of food both on campus and in Sendai City itself. At the cafeterias on campus, halal food is prepared, and grocery stores as well as restaurants for non-pork eaters are in walking distance to those living at the students’ dormitory.

Even so, one of Japanese dishes he has been enjoying the most lately is Sushi.

Having lived in Sendai for four months, Akmal finds a major difference between Indonesian and Japanese culture—the reticence of the Japanese. But he respects it, and regards it as a matter of custom. His humbleness does and will let him enrich himself through new cultures anywhere he goes.

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