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Chanon's views

Name: Chanon Pornrungroj
Affiliation and year: Faculty of Science, AMC Course, 3rd year
Nationality: Thai

Chanon Pornrungroj has a dream—to do satisfying desk study as well as experiments. Tohoku University is committed to the “Research First” principle, and when Chanon heard about this, and about the existence of the English degree course, he felt ready to apply.

Chanon Pornrungroj

Chanon Pornrungroj

After acceptance by the university, however, his family members and friends were concerned about his departure because of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the radioactivity. Nevertheless, he decided not to waste this opportunity, and his ardent professors and kind senpai (older students) made his study environment perfect. “Now I feel very comfortable being here from every aspect,” he says. Behind this remark is the fact that he tried to meet more people by joining the Tohoku University Foreign Students Association. Through it he met many people, from international to Japanese students.

Asked about the AMC course, Chanon immediately mentioned his experience with the laboratories. Usually, students can start making use of laboratories as a part of their curriculum from the Master course. Tohoku University, however, allows AMC students to do so from the third year of their undergraduate course, and in Chanon’s case, he was allowed from his second year.

He also referred to the size of each class: there are only around three to five students at most. Compared to his high school days when he asked his friends to keep from falling behind in classes, now professors are the ones that he asks. Their level is excellent: “all of my lecturers are either experienced professors or assistant professors,” he said.

Integrity and a high sense of responsibility—according to Chanon, his father characterized these as the Japanese that way. He said with clear feeling that he is happy to be in Sendai surrounded by such people. The fruits of his efforts in research here will create results that cross boundaries.

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