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Taemaitree's views

Name: Taemaitree Farsai
Affiliation and year: Faculty of Science, AMC Course, 2nd year
Nationality: Thai

Taemaitree Farsai is a AMC student from Bangkok, Thailand. Since her high school years, she has been accustomed to doing research with fine experimental tools. So she always wanted to go to the university with the best chemistry department in Japan.

Taemaitree Farsai

Taemaitree Farsai

“Tohoku University’s motto ‘research first’ is exactly the same as that of my high school,” she says. Her goal is now to become a chemist in the future.

Farsai participated in a three-week program at Ritsumeikan in Kyoto last year. However, her encounter with the Japanese academic world happened earlier than that. Tohoku University’s professors often visit high schools around the world to promote the FGL program, and professors from the chemistry department visited her high school. This helped her learn about Tohoku University and the course, which lead her to decide to apply.

Now, four months have passed since the start of university life. According to her, the lectures are tough and impressive at the same time, and her favorite class is Chemistry A by Professor. Zhanpeisov. “Because I get to know about things that I had never known before,” she says.

Farsai hopes to join some student clubs to intermingle with Japanese students from next semester, but now she does not have time for anything thanks to the large amount of school work from each lecture. She is, however, already concerned about missing her busy days when staying in her home country during the spring break.

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