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Singh's views

Name: Singh Angaddeep
Affiliation and year: School of Engineering, IMAC-U Course, 3rd year
Nationality: Indian

Mr. Singh Angaddeep has been familiar with Japan for a long time thanks to his father working at a Japanese company. For that reason, it was not difficult for him to get used to Japanese culture.

Singh Angaddeep

Singh Angaddeep

His only concern was to figure out what he wanted to study in the field of mechanical engineering. So Tohoku University’s IMAC-U course was suitable for him.

“The IMAC-U course has various options for students, such as aerospace engineering, environmental and energy engineering, nano-mechanics and so on. So the good thing is I can take time to find the best one for me,” Singh says. Having finished three semesters so far, he is now looking forward to his third year since there will be more specific classes on certain engineering fields.

Singh now lives in University House Sanjo (a.k.a. UHS), where he has a lot of chances to share time with Japanese students. The dorm is equipped with common rooms where students can enjoy talking and watching TV together.

“It is really exciting to experience a culture that is so different from India.” Singh’s exploration will definitely continue in the right direction.

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