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Qiang's views

Name: Qiang Gu
Affiliation and year: School of Engineering, IMAC-U Course, 2nd year
Nationality: Chinese

An IMAC-U student Qiang Gu from China had no hesitation about coming to Sendai to study at Tohoku University. She knew from before that she wanted to study engineering at some excellent school, but her decision became firmer when Professor Ying Chen of IMAC-U gave a presentation on the FGL program at her high school and her school counselor recommended the program to her.

Qiang Gu

Qiang Gu

Ever since she had entered, she has not become tired in most cases: she believes the reason for this is that she enjoys student life, from studying to leisure. But one thing she admits is the great role of Professor Chen. “She has been so helpful and encouraging,” Qiang said. According to her, Professor Chen always tells students to contact her if any problems arise, so for a lot of students she is someone who understands the difficulty of living abroad and doing something at the same time.

In fact, Qiang already had trouble after her arrival from China: she had a small bike accident. The one who helped her out was an older student at her dormitory. “One senpai (an older student) fixed my bike, so thanks to him I can ride it to school,” she said. Having been asked if she often comes to school by bike, she said: “if it snows, then no, but otherwise yes.”

Since she did not have many engineering classes in the first semester, she is looking forward to the later years. The time when she finds her own special field must be not too far away.

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