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A New Way of Thinking

Name: Nguyen Anh Ngoc
Affiliation and year: Department of Environmental Studies, 1st year master’s student
Nationality: Vietnamese

Nguyen Anh Ngoc, 24, earned a BA in Civil Engineering in Vietnam in March 2009.

Nguyen Anh Ngoc

Nguyen Anh Ngoc

“Vietnam’s economy is developing fast, but along with this development we have pollution and environmental problems causing damage,” says Nguyen. “So we need a new approach to development, a new way of thinking that emphasizes sustainability.” Nguyen also notes that in the recent COP15 at Copenhagen, developed countries promised to invest in developing economies like Vietnam to help them deal with their environmental problems. “So we want to make the best use of this investment. That’s why I wanted to study environmental sustainability.”

Nguyen wanted to come and study in Japan because it is still the world’s second largest economy and certainly the most developed country in Asia. “Tohoku University is well known in Japan and also in Vietnam. And it has this wonderful course on environmental sustainability in English.”

He is particularly impressed by a paper making plant he studied that uses its waste to produce energy to run the plant. “This is an interesting new way of treating waste so that it doesn’t harm the environment,” he says.

Before coming to Tohoku Nguyen studied Japan and its culture on the Internet. But Japan has still managed to surprise him. “The weather! Vietnam is hot and here it is very cold. Absolutely different.”

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