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Human Security from Different Perspectives

Name: Oscar Andres Gomez Salgado
Affiliation and year: the Graduate School of Environmental Studies 2nd year PhD
Nationality: Colombian

Oscar Andres Gomez Salgado is a Colombian enrolled in the Human Security Program under the Graduate School of Environmental Studies. He is studying the theory of human security, its application, and emerging metrics for measuring certain aspects of human security.

Oscar Andres Gomez Salgado

Oscar Andres Gomez Salgado

Mr. Gomez is leaving soon to visit a United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security project in Colombia. “The UNTFHS was set up by Japan to develop projects reflecting the human security paradigm,” says Mr. Gomez. “It’s virtually the first human security project in my country. So I want to help them apply ideas concerning human security because the concept and its implications are not well understood yet.”

Mr. Gomez says that because the field of human security is so broad and the concept is new, studying it is challenging. “And here at Tohoku University you get the opportunity to study it from different perspectives: from agricultural, medical, environmental and social viewpoints. So it’s a challenge to summarize what it means.”

As for making friends and acquaintances beyond the campus, he says it depends on how open to experience you are and your willingness to go and look for opportunities. “There are plenty of chances here,” he says. “It’s up to you.”

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