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Careers and Employment

The university undertakes a range of activities to help international students find employment in Japan. Many leading companies have a high regard for students graduating from Tohoku University. Statistics about the post-graduation activities of Tohoku University students can be found here.

Career Opportunities in Japan

There is a recent trend for companies in Japan to recruit more motivated graduates, which provides good opportunities for international students looking for work experience in Japan, despite the trend towards a more intensely competitive job market. A poll conducted in August, 2010, revealed that more than 10% of companies replying to the poll had recruited international students since the previous April, and more than 20% planned to continue this policy in FY 2011.

One example of such a company leading the way in this trend is the on-line shopping giant Rakuten Inc., based in Tokyo, which plans for international students to eventually make up half its employees. Rakuten started to increase its intake of international students in FY 2009, and included almost 80 students from 17 different countries among its new recruits starting in April 2011.

Japanese companies are actively recruiting at job fairs overseas to attract talented youngsters from competitive countries such as China.

Source: Kyodo News. "Firms turning to foreign students," The Japan Times 10 Dec., 2010

Employment of International Students in Japan on the Rise

Increasingly, Japanese companies are recruiting recently graduated international students. Every year, career fairs are held in major cities, such as Tokyo and Osaka (both easily reachable from Sendai) to help new or soon-to-be graduates connect with employers.

At the recent Top Career 2013 forum in Tokyo, some 47 Japanese companies, including Uniqlo, Sony and Mitsubishi Electric, held briefings for international students. This marks a steady increase since the forum began in 2008.

Recent polls also indicate that the percentage of major companies that plan to hire international students is nearly 50 percent. Although global economic conditions may not be ideal, there are many opportunities for motivated, talented graduates in Japan.

Source: AOKI Mizuho "Firms look to hire foreign students," The Japan Times 15 Jan. 2012

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